Massage and Yoga

If what you are looking for is a little pampering and relaxation, indulge yourself in a Swedish or Thai massage, Reiki or Cranial Sacral Treatment – or a yoga class at the Massage & Yoga, located on the grounds of Cabinas Jacaranda.

Our heart centered, and experienced staff has the gentle touch to bring a little tranquility to your vacation, willing to accommodate and design with you, your own personal treatment/yoga class combination to create your own personal retreat.

The price of the massage is $ 60 dollars.

SPA in Puerto Viejo


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is designed to return the body to a state of ease and balance by eliminating the uneven pulls on the skeleton caused by contracted muscles, and constricted fascia. This massage is works the deeper layers of muscles. It eases tension,increases overall vitality and promotes clearer thinking

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing art performed on the floor.The therapist puts the client through yoga like stretches while applying pressure to energy lines and acupressure points. The variety of stretches combined with energy work, increases the body’s flexibility, releases both deep and superficial tension, and helps the body’s natural energy to move more freely, energizing the soul.


This ancient art of healing touch, helps recharge, realign and rebalance your energy field to promote healing. The practitioner acts as a conduit to bring universal energy into all of the clients energy centers using light touch over the whole body.

Energy-Active Craniosacral

Surf the cranial sacral wave and take an adventure in bodyworks as we explore the interface between the body and it’s tissues, density and mechanics, and energy field (Prana or Chi) that infuses our body with consciousness and memories. This energy work, using techniques such as emotional recall and body release, brings your natural energy flow into balance.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am

Please call (+506) 2750-0069 or fill out the contact form to make a reservation.